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  • Love Animals,♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😘

  • Ohh yess tf did I get to this. I was watching Metallica and Delta Parole music videos. No. Just no.

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  • Ha! So cute! Maybe one of my videos will make the cut one day! 🙌

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  • 2:38 myślałam że to kupa💩 a to żabka na kamieniach 🐸😂

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  • Where’s that song from in the third video of the chicken

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  • Oh I’m just washing my dog in the sink I’ll be right over Karen!

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  • I wish that I have a forever lasting dog😢😢😢😢😢😭😭because if I have a dog and then it died I’ll be super duper sad 😢

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  • Two dog owners are arguing about whose pet is smarter. “My dog is so smart,” says the first owner, “that every morning he goes to the store and buys me a sesame seed bagel with chive cream cheese, stops off at Starbucks and picks me up a mocha latte, and then comes home and turns on ESPN, all before I get out of bed.” “I know,” says the second owner. “How do you know?” the first demands. “My dog told me.” 😂

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  • Que hermosos😍delen like sinquisieran tener al cachorro mas bonito😘

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  • All the people who disliked are mad that their pets weren't cute enough to be in this complation

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